Terms of service

1.  Job Description of all required positions with proposed Salary and benefit to be shared to SKC Management Consultancy P. Ltd. in advance. Subsequently following process with MEA India to be processed.
2.  eMigrate - https://emigrate.gov.in/ext/registration and online Demand letter and Power of Attorney to be issued by the Employer as per the prevailing Rules by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India (assistance can be provided on request regarding the process flow and other technicalities.).
3.  An Agreement between SKC Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. and the Client stating the service charge payable to M / s. SKC Management Consultancy for all the candidates placed through SKC. (Agreement will be sent in due course).
4.  Any resume submitted to client by SKC Management will be considered property of SKC Management for a period of one year and consultancy fee would be payable to SKC for any selection against such resume. Any duplicates should be intimated immediately on receipt of CV.
5.  Free replacement of unsuccessful candidates will be provided as and when agreed.
6.  A Person will be deemed to be selected if it is conveyed to SKC or to the candidate either verbally or by issuing an offer letter.
7.  Invoice will be sent within 7 days, which shall be cleared within the specified period agreed mutually.
8.  Our Service charge will be very competitive and matching the market standards.