Important caution note/notice to Job Seekers

SKC Management Consultancy (Pvt) Limited hereby caution public mainly job seekers in general of following issues hence advise precautions with utmost care:-

  1. Fraudsters are using email IDs matching or similar to our domain name hence we caution public mainly job seekers to verify details carefully.
  2. Fraudsters are making similar/replica of logo as of SKC Management Consultancy (Pvt) Limited on their visiting card and claim to be genuine representative of SKC Management.
  3. It is also reported that some individuals are trying to mislead the public including jobseekers by fictitiously claiming to be employee or employees either as Recruiter/consultant or other position of SKC Management Consultancy (Pvt) Limited and sending fake e-mails and using counterfeit/forged Letterheads to the potential job seekers alluring them with job offers and appointment letters and asking for advance payments based on same or some kind of security deposit to pay to process Visa in Middle East countries.
  4. It is also came to our notice that some job seekers for Gulf specially those being sent on Visit Visas are given our company name if any issues arise at immigration section while leaving country at airport.
  5. We would like to inform general public specially Jobseekers that SKC Management Consultancy (Pvt) limited recruit directly for Middle East countries and we do not appoint through Sub Agents and follow strict guideline as is given by Ministry of Overseas, Government of India as well as by our client. We have not authorized any representative in India to represent us in any manner directly or indirectly.
  6. It is also noticed that these fraudsters are using social media/social network by using our company name with some slight modification or some modification in logo or another logo matching to our logo, contents of our letter head or our address with some changes to mislead public specially job seekers and ask to deposit money on one pretext or other.
  7. SKC Management Consultancy (Pvt) Limited hereby also caution general public as well as Job seekers that they must verify all credential of such persons or persons or agents who are asking money in lieu of providing job by using different techniques in any part of world by using our name in any manner.
  8. Please be advised that in spite of such cautionary notice/note if any person (mainly Jobseekers) respond to such fraudsters by way of email or other method of correspondence OR entertain calls of fraudster or send SMS or whatsApp OR face book or IMO messages or any other means of communication, they will be doing so at their own risks and consequences.SKC Management consultancy (Pvt) Ltd will not take any responsibility/liability for any loss or damage that may be suffered or incurred directly or indirectly and even knowingly and unknowingly through correspondence, call or any means of communication with such fraudulent and/or unauthorized individuals and that such communication should not be treated as an offer or representation from our end.
SKC Management Consultancy (Pvt) Limited advise all public mainly jobseekers in any part of world that if anyone come across with such situation as mentioned in above paras or have any such information about anyone regarding solicitation for recruitment or employment by or on behalf from our company and asking any kind of money or other benefit, you are advised to immediately report matter to following simultaneously with all details.

SK Chaudhary
Director of SKC Management Consultancy

Or Your Nearest Police Station