Recruitment Methodology

First Stage

SKC Management Consultancy (Pvt). Ltd. Business Development Team visit their clients in general, understand set up of organization, business, working culture, infrastructure and requirements. Our Business Team leader will go though in detail about there website at first instance, meet or call client to obtain following additional information, which will ultimately help us in short listing right candidate.

Second Stage

SKC enter into an agreement first with our Overseas client to agree on recruitment terms & condition for providing our consultancy services. The following is our standard format of agreement to be signed by both parties for overseas recruitments agreed as:-

  1. This Recruitment agreement is applicable for all the recruitments madethrough the Second Party.
  2. The Second Party will recommend suitable candidates for final interviews on receipt of demand letter from the First Party. The demand letter will contain the detailed job profile, age group, educational qualification, skills required, experience, contract period, salary package and other details of facilities provided by the First Party.
  3. The First Party agrees to provide original Demand letter, Power of Attorney (both duly attested by the Indian Embassy in the respective country as and where required), specimen Service contract copy for various immigration formalities/Protectorate of Emigrant approvals, as is required by Ministry of Labour, Government of India to organize interviews/Trade test in any part of India or to release any advertisement against the demand submitted by foreign employer. eMigrate Online: Employer (First Party) must register on the as per the prevailing rules and share the relevant Indian Embassy attested documents to the Second Party for necessary completion of Emigration Clearance in India for ECR candidates.
  4. The First Party agrees to send copies of all e-Mails/correspondence to Second Party of any candidate, arranged for interview /test by the Second Party. First Party will intimate all developments of prospective candidate once Second Party provide contact details/address or presented the candidate for interview.
  5. All CVs forwarded by Second Party will be treated as Property of the Second Party for One year and will be eligible for the credit of recruitment.
  6. Payment Terms:
    1. White Collar Categories (All Professionals / Staff Positions) - The First Party will pay the service charge / Recruitment Fee of as mutually agreed appointed through the Second Party which include Senior Managers, Managers, Sr Engineers, Engineers, Technical Staff, Non Technical Staff. This is applicable to positions from Engineers to all higher / senior levels and any Nationality.
    2. Blue Collar Categories including Foreman and Supervisors - As Mutually agreed between SKC Management & Client.
  7. Mode of Payment: Payment can be made in Indian Rupees by Telex Transfer to the Bank account of M/s. SKC Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., India.
  8. Invoice will be raised within 7 days of joining the candidate and payment to be made within 30 days from the date of joining of the candidate(s).
  9. If the Interview is arranged in any place other than Second Party’s Offices, then (any applicable) cost of the board room and in either situation, hotel stay and travel ticket, etc, of the delegates for conducting the live interview will have to be borne by the First Party.
  10. The Second Party will release all the job requirements of the First Party with their Profile and Logo, on the Second Party’s Website.
  11. Replacement:
    1. If a candidate resigns & leave the company by his own accord within 90 days from date of joining the First Party, provided all the agreed employment terms are honored / fulfilled towards the said candidate by the First Party, Second Party shall provide free replacement or the amount shall be adjusted on any future placements subject to the absence of any difference in compensation of the candidate selected.
    2. If the candidates selected after the proper interviews / trade tests by the First Party, Second Party will not provide any free replacement on the basis of lack of competency.
    3. If the candidate met with serious accident during employment and asked to be hospitalized for a longer period or unfortunate event of death, Second Party will not give free replacement.
    4. No replacement will be provided if the candidate is asked / forced to leave or if he leaves on account of changes in agreed terms & conditions of the employment or terminated by the company.
  12. Validity: This agreement will remain in force until it is revoked by either Party in writing.

Third Stage

Mandatory requirements for documents for Middle East countries only:-
Before we accept any requirements from our Middle East clients, it’s mandatory as per directives, by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) – Government of India that we must have following original documents from our client in given format duly attested by Indian consulate.

  1. Power of Attorney to be uploaded on Emigrate system ( as per directives of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) – Government of India
  2. Demand Letter in prescribed format to be uploaded on Emigrate system ( Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) – Government of India by Ministry of Labour, Government of India.
  3. Specimen copy of contract/appointment letter/agreement to be uploaded on Emigrate system (
All the above three documents must be signed by authorized signatory of company with seal on it. We are not permitted to do any other activities on behalf of foreign client without approval of these documents by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) – Government of India.

Fourth Stage - Execution

  1. STEP A
    1. Database Search
    2. Web Based Search (Main Portal)
    3. Various Sub-Web Portals
    4. Outsourced e-Recruitment Portals
    5. Head Hunting
    6. Advertising
    7. Campus Interviews
    8. Special Campaign Projects
    9. Social Network

  2. STEP B
    1. Screening of CVs as per job description given by client.
    2. Preliminary assessment through telephonic discussion with the candidate.
    3. Further assessment of candidate in person by SKC Consultant (those short listed after telephonic interview). Out station candidates assessed through Video conference system.
    4. Forward short-listed CVs with SKC Assessment Report to client.
    5. Brief candidate regarding client’s organization before sending him for final interview.
    6. Intimate date, time and location of client’s office to candidate for final interview.

  3. STEP C
    1. Expedite joining process of finally selected candidates and to act as a bridge between candidate & client until they join.
    2. Middle East Candidates – Completion of Medical, Emigration, Visa formalities, orientation to candidates about geographical situation, general policies or important Government directives in the country of deployment.
    3. Provide assistance for overseas candidate even at airport for smooth departure of candidate.

  4. STEP D
    1. Consultation / discussion with client regarding performance of placed candidates within 90 days.