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SKC Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a Private Limited Company, having its registered Head quarter at New Delhi with branches in other cities of India. SKC has a regional office in Cochin ( Kadavanthra Junction, Cochin- 682 020, Kerala, India) and have associates in almost all locations within India as well as permanently stationed Marketing Manager in Middle East for better co-ordination and personal contacts with all our clients as well as candidates It was formed in the year 2003 and since then it has been growing continuously. SKC Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd is authorized and approved Recruiting Agency by the Ministry of Overseas , Government of India vide Manpower Recruitment License No. B-688/DEL/COM/1000+/5/6089/2003 and it is shown on Government of India emigrate site on line- https://emigrate.gov.in

The consultancy is having a well-knit network especially in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur and Chandigarh to cover the entire country for Domestic as well as Overseas requirements in order to reach and source talent for our valued Clients over far flung locations.

SKC Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. was established primarily to function as a Recruitment Consultancy, catering to few premier exclusive set of clients but from the last couple of years it has expanded by leaps and bounds and now is on the permanent calling rolls of reputed Multinationals and Indian Companies. We have a practice of constantly bench marking ourselves against the best in the industry so as to provide best services to our customers. We have a team of consultants and each one of them is working independently on particular industry and is responsible for keeping track of all emergent trends, new entrants in that industry. Such an expert consultant is working on your account and his expertise would be of immense help to our customers, besides that our back office staff in all of their responsibilities ably supports each consultant.

We have a team of consultants and each one of them is working independently on particular industry and is responsible for keeping track of all emergent trends, new entrants in that industry. Such an expert consultant is working on your account and his expertise would be of immense help to our customers, besides that our back office staff in all of their responsibilities ably supports each consultant.


SKC Management Consultancy, offer services of recruitment and outsourcing staff solutions across India and Overseas. Our comprehensive range of services in combination with our unparalleled depth of experience makes our company uniquely qualified to recruit quality professionals for its world class clients specially in key aspects like Construction( Operation & Maintenance ), Consultancy ( Design & Engineering ), Power & Utilities, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, EPC ,Information Technology, FMCG, Automobile, Insurance, hospitality, Facility Management, Logistics /Supply Chain ,etc, and provide a diversified range of other services.


The mission of SKC Management is to become an important partner in our client’s growth and to achieve success through delivery, integrity and service quality. With the ongoing development of a structured, educated and dynamic recruitment platform, SKC aims to become brand name and quality service provider within recruitment services across India and abroad. Our mission is to make it a recruiting/ H R Consultancy with a difference, strictly governed by code of practice and adheres to code of confidentiality. The important focus is on providing reliable, fast & effective professional services to our valued clients with high standards demanding high caliber and productive candidates.


While reaching for our goal, we ensure the following things:

• Always aiming to provide value added services to our customers. Staying a step ahead in value creation for its customers.  
• Exploiting its core competencies fully to provide an effective, efficient, economic, and expeditious solution to our customers.  
• Providing the best fit for the job and not the best person. Provide truthful and factual information only.  
• Giving pride and satisfaction to employees.  
• To achieve the strategic goals on right human resources to optimize business profits and increase service effectiveness.  
• Establishing and maintaining a quality management system in the SKC Management consultancy, based on international quality standards in the field of Recruitment, training & Human resources  
• Review our Recruitment systems & services periodically, based on feedback from our employees, clients, candidates, and latest market developments to ensure that there is continual improvement.  


• Professionalism transparency and integrity in the conduct of our business and service.  
• Realizing leadership position in all areas of its operation, and actively involves itself in development of human resource development.  
• Offering high quality, efficient & sustainable solutions, tailored to the needs of our customers with value added unbeatable services to retain all of its customers.  
• Making lives of people involved more meaningful, interesting, exiting and comfortable by helping them meet their self-actualization needs and other social needs.  


• Innovation : Creating new and unique value to set new standard in the field.
• Openness : Responding to the changing environment with an open mind and flexible behavior so as to develop the creativity and innovation.
• Partnership : Establishing long term mutually beneficial partnerships with all concerns to ensure best performance.  


Marketing: Capabilities to accurately identify customers’ needs and link them with businesses to maintain strong brand image. Also, our aggressive research and effective market mapping lead us to reach deep into our exhaustive data to seek out the perfect candidate for our clients. SKC realizes and understands that the demands and nature of the markets in India & Middle East. Market expertise in line with significant research has allowed us to tailor made our services accordingly, whilst retaining our global standards.

Human Resource Capital: The availability of best of the brains and new innovative at minds our disposal. Capable of effectively linking business performance along-with capability to secure and capitalize win -win partnerships and we are geared towards establishing the perfect client-candidate match. From corporate culture to business challenges to market conditions, we go to great lengths to understand the needs of our clients.


Capability to lead the market by developing and utilizing unique ideas to provide pioneering solutions through the help of differentiated and specialized new technologies.  

We believe in creating relationship out of business and not the other way round (i.e. Business out of relationship) we consider all the Human-Resource Management Professionals as our target market /client and we do our best to take care of all of esteemed clients and their needs.  


We cater to our entire Human-Resource related requirement of our client. The services provided by us are:  

Recruitment Consultancy Division (RCD): This division is actively involved in providing recruitment services to various Multinational and Indian corporate houses. It is helping these companies to compete effectively in the market place by providing people best suited to them. Our recruitment consultancy division has three industry focus groups catering to those particular sectors of economy i.e. Consumer Services Group-(CSG)/Services Sector Group - (SSG).   

Training & Development Programme Division (TDP): This Division Coordinates and help organizations conduct training and development programmes for its executive and other staff, it also carries out other assignments like salary survey.   

Allied Services Division (ASD): ASD has specially been created to meet the various demands   

of its regular customers and cater to their requirements related to organizing sales campaign, conducting market surveys, providing boys and girls for sales campaign, exhibitions, and it also deals in housekeeping services to provide office staff like secretary, receptionists, computer operator, on contract basis to them, so that they do not need to go to other suppliers.  


At SKC Management, we are committed to convey only factual information to the clients and customers, guided by the self-imposed ethical rules.  

SKC Management is regularly examining roles that new services will play in the growth of the company. In order to promote and speed the effectiveness of our future services- development efforts, SKC Management is committed to the following: 


At SKC Management, we understand that focus on our clients and customer’s satisfaction and is critical, this is where much of our effort is applied. The idea is to maintain loyalty (which gets us more clients and customers through word -of-mouth) by perpetually providing a valuable service, thereby reducing the cost of reaching and appealing to the market. We believe in concept of relationship marketing that’s why we assign a separate consultant to work on your account.  


SKC Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has a methodical screening procedure and every candidate is judged on various factors before referring to our clients. Finally it could be worthwhile to mention that SKC Management has all along focused on delighting the customers and meeting their vital requirement. This ensures a very loyal customer base and key to success.  


We cater to the Senior Management level and Middle Management Level positions. We are a general consultant dealing with all leading Multinational and Indian Companies and to offer them excellent services we have assiduously cultivated our database which helps us to fulfill their requirements at shortest possible time and we have a very high hit ratio of assignment we work on. We continuously keep on supplementing and updating our database through regular advertisements in newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, Internet and every new media apart from the profiles we receive through strong word of mouth publicity.


Job Description of all required positions with proposed Salary and benefit to be shared to SKC Management Consultancy P. Ltd. in advance. Subsequently following process with MEA India to be processed.

1. eMigrate - https://emigrate.gov.in/ext/registration and online Demand letter and Power of Attorney to be issued by the Employer as per the prevailing Rules by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India (assistance can be provided on request regarding the process flow and other technicalities.).
2. An Agreement between SKC Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. and the Client stating the service charge payable to M/s. SKC Management Consultancy for all the candidates placed through SKC. (Agreement will be sent in due course).
3. Any resume submitted to client by SKC Management will be considered property of SKC Management for a period of one year and consultancy fee would be payable to SKC for any selection against such resume. Any duplicates should be intimated immediately on receipt of CV.
4. Free replacement of unsuccessful candidates will be provided as and when agreed.
5. A Person will be deemed to be selected if it is conveyed to SKC or to the candidate either verbally or by issuing an offer letter.
6. Invoice will be sent within 7 days, which shall be cleared within the specified period agreed mutually.
7. Our Service charge will be very competitive and matching the market standards.


• Oil & Gas,EPC , Engineering & Construction, Civil & Structural Engineering, Architecture & Design, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering,Design Consultancies, MEP and others.
• Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Brand Management, Market Research, Advertising, Marketing Information Systems Management Information Systems Professionals.
• Healthcare and Pharmaceutical including General & Specialized Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical and supporting Staff, Pharmacists, etc,
• Human Resource Development, Personnel & Administration, Industrial Relation, Training & Development, Legal, Liaison Professionals.
• Accounts & Finance (Chartered Accountants, ICWA, Company Secretaries, Chartered Financial Analyst, Accountants, Commercial)
• Facility Management, Logistics/Supply Chain, Warehouse, Agriculture
• Plants & Equipments
• Information Techonology
• Others

• Maintenance staff of all cadre, Tradesmen like Welders, Fitters, Fabricators, Rigger, Plumber, Electricians, Heavy Equipment Drivers and Mechanics, Equipment Operators for Shovel, Crane, Grader, Asphalt Plant, Crushers, Helpers and Construction workers, …..

Finally, it could be worthwhile to mention that SKC Management has all along focused on delighting the clients and meeting their vital requirements. This ensures a very loyal and regular client base.


We assure our prospective clients that we are capable of providing the best candidates from the respective industries through referrals and headhunting. We have proved and glad to see that candidates placed through SKC being part and even lead the growth of our Clients. We are sure that we can render you the same quality services that all our existing clients always enjoyed. We welcome a trial inquiry for your existing vacancies, to prove ourselves and conclude for now with warm greetings of the Season.

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